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The work of our donors makes a big difference to our students.

All funds raised or donated by donors for scholarships go directly to learners, with 100% direct donor ratios of funds for students. This means that the College covers all other costs involved in processing, staffing, or running the department.

To offset the costs of events or projects, we seek donors or sponsors who share our values and can help support our students and initiatives.

Approximately one third of the College’s funds comes from taxpayers, and the rest are monies that the College generates. For that reason, we are always seeking new ways to ensure our sustainability so that we can provide post-secondary education to the North from the North.

Make A Difference

When you give to scholarships and bursaries, you’re opening doors for students, many of whom couldn’t go to college without your support.

A growing number of students today do not have the resources to study at college. Some apply for government assistance (OSAP) that can cover some of their costs if they qualify for them, others get some assistance from their family and/or band, but not all expenses are usually covered, even for these students.

Many of our learners have to work at jobs along the way and pay as they go as they barely make ends meet to attend College. It’s a precarious journey for them where they worry about if they can do it or not. Sometimes it’s hard for learners to concentrate on their studies when they are really struggling financially.

We know that studying at the post-secondary level changes lives and chances for success for the better. Earning an income as a trained professional develops self esteem, confidence and a sense of personal fulfillment.

In fact, completing College has been proven to be the only single determining factor that is directly related to increasing quality of life. That’s right – this indicator can be immediately traced back to education – this is powerful!

The impact that your gift makes to students who are learning, therefore, is never ending.

Your tax-deductible gifts of money to support awards means you’re helping learners realize their dreams, end cycles of poverty, improve quality of life and let those who are striving to be and do more with their lives reach their potential.

Giving in this way means you’re helping students develop their skills, employability and leadership – while also helping create the next generation of educated citizens for strong communities and workplaces.

While doing so, you can honour a loved one or workplace and leave their legacy behind in an institution that has been in the educations business for over fifty years. With a well-established and regarded history, our College and Foundation are a secure investment towards a goal that is future-focused honouring a past that has made a significant impact.

It’s relatively easy to set up an award with us as you remember someone you love or want to thank in this way for the difference they made in your life.

As your loved one’s name is read aloud each year at our award ceremonies and put down in print on the award in their name, you honour the difference they have made in your life and they live on in this way.

Thank you for considering giving to us.

We and our students are unendingly grateful, and we’re happy to help you with the process.

What Bursaries Mean to Students

For students receiving performance‐based bursaries, it is a much welcomed and public recognition of their hard work and abilities culminating in academic achievement.

For those receiving leadership-based bursaries, it’s recognition of their extra contribution to making a richer student experience, and fuller campus and community life.

For students who have received bursaries based on need, our student life advisors and financial aid officers attest to the very real need in our student community.


Thank you, donors!

Thank you to the donors that make success for students happen. We couldn’t do it without you!

When you give to Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards at Northern, you make such a positive impact on the future of learners who want a better life for themselves and their families.

If this sounds like something you would like to do, we invite you to reach out and start a conversation about how you can be a part of giving.

Here are some of the students who have received awards – either from 㽶Ƶ or out in the community and across Canada.

Take a look at how these learners are impacting lives and recognizing those who have given to create awards so that students could be recognized in this way!

Get Involved

Why Give

Sharon Jones“At the age of 19, I went to the Canada-wide United Nations Conference in New York.  The attendees were from diverse backgrounds and travelled together, ate, and talked together.  We learned that although we had differences, we were still the same young Canadians wanting to learn more and make our way in life.

Within the U.N., I sat with delegates from almost every nation and learned about the equality of people. As the English and French-Canadian diplomats spoke, I learned that there was a lot that I didn’t know about. I decided I wanted to learn more.

There was no money in my family for university. I learned about government grants and loans and resolved to go to university.

I became a teacher and loved teaching and my students. I became a lifelong learner, challenging my students to do their best!

That’s why I chose to support the Scholarships, Bursaries and Awards (SBA) program at 㽶Ƶ and have done so for well over a decade. I want students to have a great education, at a great school with the ability to chase their dreams.

I expect the award winners to see themselves as bigger individuals, capable of doing more for our society and becoming our future leaders.

It makes me so proud to see the graduating firefighter, who may someday save someone, or to know that the nursing graduate will perhaps take care of you and me.

My name is Sharon and if you say my name very slowly, you will know why I love to do this work – I hope that we “share on”.

Each of us is given jobs to do on earth. This is one of mine!”

Sharon L. Jones, B.A., B. Ed., M. Ed.
Proud donor and friend of 㽶Ƶ





“As Chapter Chair of OACETT’s Timmins Regional Chapter, I have assisted in raising funds for both Engineering Endowment Funds at Northern. Being a 㽶Ƶ Graduate (1981) has helped me tremendously to find rewarding work and pursue worthwhile activities and initiatives.

A quality education is very important in everyone’s life and leads to better career prospects. Deserving students should be encouraged (and rewarded) to succeed, especially the future problem-solvers.

I hope that numerous graduating students from various engineering disciplines will join OACETT at some point and pay it forward, keeping our Association active and engaged. By donating to the Fletcher Foundation, your contribution is matched proportionately and your Federal Government gives you a break at tax time.

A great deal indeed.”

Charles Boulet,
Chapter Chair of OACETT’s Timmins Regional Chapter
Proud Graduate 1981

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